SCI FORSCHEN offers a membership plan that authors can use to take maximum advantage of the services that we have to offer. Our program was started with a vision of making quality academic information more readily accessible to the masses. Scholars, institutions, and academic organizations use our services the most, and hence we offer them special plans that are suited to their different needs and provide them the full range of services and features that they require. We count on your support to continue publishing high quality articles in our journals, and in return for your aid and patronage, we afford you special privileges through our premium packages.

You can become a member of the SCI FORSCHEN community.

Membership One Year
Individual Member $3000
Institutional Member $5000
Organizational / Societal Member $7000

As an individual member, you represent just yourself, and thus earn an access level that is more than enough for any researcher. You are also awarded certain privileges that will help you get faster response for your manuscripts submissions, and also allows you numerous perks.

An institutional membership is meant for research groups and universities where a large number of people require access to our journals. The special perks offered under this membership are usually more extensive than the ones that individual members get, and are ideal for an organization where a number of people need access to high quality research material, and also need to submit multiple articles to any of our directories.

An organizational membership is aimed at industries and corporations that are involved in cutting edge research and are looking for a service that easily allows them to disseminate their findings across the scholar community. Organizations also get to make presentations and put up stalls at the many events that SCI FORSCHEN organizes all over the globe on regular basis.

Subscription Plans

Besides the kind of members that SCI FORSCHEN allows, we also give our members the option of choosing between membership plans. Interested people can subscribe to plan.

One Year Membership

The one year membership is meant for anyone who requires only short term access to our full range of services. Individuals, institutes as well as organizations are eligible for this plan, and get several advantages from becoming a member with us. The prices for this plan vary depending on whether you are an individual or not, and offer you varying levels of access to the services offered by SCI FORSCHEN.