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About Us

SCI FORSCHEN offer scholars and academicians a better option when it comes to Open Access Journal publishing. Our platform vies to become the standard for all open access publications, irrespective of subjects or branches, and aims to bring together researchers from all over the world and under a single global organization to form a community that actively creates new data and shares it with everyone with the utmost ease and simplicity.

SCI FORSCHEN is a new entry to the market and is inviting scholars to join us in a bid for a better future for research work. There are far too many organizations that operate under the guise of being an open access publication, but prey on uninformed and inexperienced scholars like a predator. SCI FORSCHEN looks to change this, and at the same time wishes to make access to information simpler. Despite the fact that we have only recently started offering our services, we have already partnered up with several scholars all across the globe and provide easier access to their journals through our services. We have published dozens of peer reviewed journals of international quality so far, and we are always looking for more scholars who would use our services to enhance the reach of their work.

Central Platform for New Research

Improved access to the high quality research material is a must when it comes to boosting scientific innovations and encouraging fresh minds to enter academia. In the absence of such resources, often capable and uniquely talented individuals give up and move on to other avenues.  Such loss  is unimaginable, and  yet it is a common occurrence.  SCI FORSCHEN will change this and ensure that there is always a central platform upon which people can easily contribute new research material and acquire existing material as well. The vast pool of data that SCI FORSCHEN aspires to create will include all manners of fields, including the most obvious ones such as, Medical, Clinical, Chemistry, Engineering, and more.

Ensuring the quality of the journal that we publish is always a challenging task, but SCI FORSCHEN will utilize the expertise of global experts to make this process transparent and foolproof. Peer review is a great way to ensure that every piece of information included in a journal is thoroughly vetted and verified by multiple experts in the field before we publish it. It is a tried and tested method for ensuring the highest standards of quality, and SCI FORSCHEN has the support of leading scholars from several niches that ensure that we maintain the quality and consistency in published journals that one would expect from a quality source for academic information.

Improve Quality By Peer Review Process

Every journal that we offer to you is painstakingly checked to ensure strict adherence to our quality standards,    and  SCI FORSCHEN is always on the lookout for newer and better ways to improve our collection, and hundreds of peer reviewed articles are archived and included in each journal to offer you a lot of options when it comes to information regarding a certain subject. Accuracy is paramount in academia, and even the slightest error can discredit an entire article. Such an article if used as a source for another paper can ruin years of effort through no fault of the second scholar. This is the number one reason why at SCI FORSCHEN, we are so serious about ensuring quality in our journals.

Permanent Archive

We permanently archive all articles that are submitted to us once they have been reviewed by a panel of peers that have proven expertise in that field. This archival ensures that data can then be freely accessed across the globe, in a very simple manner. This unrestricted access to high quality research material and the ability to freely reproduce it for academic purposes will ensure that more and more people can utilise this information to perform even more groundbreaking research work.

Plagiarism Checking

As always, plagiarism is highly frowned upon by SCI FORSCHEN and we refuse to publish any article that is found to have been plagiarised in any way. We encourage fresh and original work that adds value to our publication and are always on the lookout for a scholar who can be relied on to provide such work. SCI FORSCHEN also follows the ethical guidelines for publishers that have been set forward by the Open Access Publishing, and publish all our material under the Creative Commons Attribution License. We charge a small fee for publishing to help cover our costs in providing this service and always encourage online submission of manuscripts that have been created following accepted standards. We always encourage our contributors to publish their content using the CCA so that while their work can be used by anyone, they still have complete control over the research material that they have so painstakingly created. Join our growing platform today and you too can benefit from our transparent publishing services for academic papers.