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Reliability of a 3D Body Scanner for Anthropometric Measurements of Central Obesity

Authors: Medina-Inojosa J, Somers VK, Ngwa T, Hinshaw L, Lopez-Jimenez F.    |   Obes Open Access

Hematopoietic Stem Cell-derived Adipocytes Promote Tumor Growth and Cancer Cell Migration

Authors: Y Xiong, DL Russell, LT McDonald, LA Cowart, and AC LaRue    |   Int J Cancer Res Mol Mech

Intracellular Photodynamic Activity of Chlorin e6 Containing Nanoparticles

Authors: Thomas Hopkins, Rahil Ukani, and Raoul Kopelman    |   Int J Nanomed Nanosurg

Androgen Receptor as a Potential Target for Treatment of Breast Cancer

Authors: Y Wu and JV Vadgama    |   Int J Cancer Res Mol Mech

Targeting Cancer using Polymeric Nanoparticle mediated Combination Chemotherapy

Authors: Aniket Gad, Janel Kydd, Brandon Piel and Prakash Rai    |   Int J Nanomed Nanosurg

Temporary, Systemic Inhibition of the WNT/¦Â-Catenin Pathway promotes Regenerative Cardiac Repair following Myocardial Infarct

Authors: Dikshya Bastakoty, Sarika Saraswati, Piyush Joshi, James Atkinson, Igor Feoktistov, Jun Liu, Jennifer L Harris, and Pampee P Young    |   Cell Stem Cells Regen Med

Strategic Shift to a Diagnostic Model of Care in a Multi-Site Group Dental Practice

Authors: E Kalenderian, P Maramaldi, S Kim, J Etolue, L McClellan, K Simmons, A Yansane, JM White, MF Walji and RB Ramoni    |   Int J Dent Oral Health

Stem Cell-Derived Regulatory T Cells for Therapeutic Use in Arthritis

Authors: Jianxun Song    |   Autoimmune Infect Dis

Converting of Myometrial Stem Cells to Tumor-Initiating Cells: Mechanism of Uterine Fibroid Development

Authors: Qiwei Yang, Michael P Diamond and Ayman Al-Hendy    |   Cell Stem Cells Regen Med

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