Human on Chip Research Studies-Sci Forschen

Aims and Scope

The Journal of Human on Chip Research Studies (JHCRS) encourages original research, expert review on Human-on-Chip technology at the forefront of device design, performance, and solution driven advances at the point of care.  JHCRS commits to publishing the result of chip engineering, cell, and organ biology research and clinical utilization of organ-on-chip devices. Similarly, we promote cutting-edge research that results from a broad collaboration in the interphase of different disciplines, encompassing engineering, cell biology, physics and IT, which are of direct interest to a wide audience.

Articles in JHCRS are interesting to an international audience of scientist and professionals dedicated to the most updated and significant medical advances across Cell Biology, Bioengineering, drug toxicity, Pathophysiology, organ homeostasis and their multiple cross-interactions. The publications will be serving professionals with interest in the exploitation of biological materials and designs in new analytical and diagnostic devices that are eager to reduce the gaps between monolayer cell cultures, animal models, and humans. Those devices make use of organized living cell and tissue, intimately associated with or integrated within a physicochemical transducer or transducing microsystem and that ideally manage to recapitulate the complex organ–organ interactions.

Core areas of interest of JHCRS include the Cell Biology, Pathophysiology, Stem Cells, Pharmacology, Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells, Cell Therapy, Biosensors, and Personalized Cancer Medicine.

The journal pursues well-defined papers which prioritize excellence, novelty, applicability, clarity and appeal to the readership. Cell Biologists, Bioengineers, Material Scientists, Physicists, Toxicologists, Pharmaceutical Chemists, Pathophysiologists are contributors of JHCRS articles. Besides, we look after research and technology developments that can serve as invaluable tools for both Bioengineers and Biology researchers active in this highly interdisciplinary field.

JHCRS is peer-reviewed to assure the scientific value and clinical significance of its diverse content.

Call for submissions

The Journal of Human on Chip Research Studies publishes articles of original, interdisciplinary research, technology development, and clinical applications. The Editor actively encourages cross-pollination among disciplines and knowledge of processes that contribute to human tissue / organ homeostasis and insights into Cell Biochemistry and know-how for therapeutic solutions. Similarly, JHCRS is interested in microphysiological and coupled organs systems. Also, focused research on a broad range of disciplines as well as experimental papers may be submitted. Moreover, JHCRS will accept reviews (by invitation from the Editor) and papers of clear relevance to the medical community, which describe important new concepts, underpin understanding of the field or enrich your valuable insights into the practical application, manufacture, and commercialization of human organs-on-a-chip.


Subjects covered by The Journal of Human on Chip Research Studies
  • Microphysiological systems
  • Microfluidic engineering
  • Interface between bio-materials and micro- and nano-electronics
  • Significant biological, medical, applications
  • Bioengineering
  • Micro-fluidics (segmented multiphase and continuous flow, droplets)
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Drug toxicity testing
  • Cells, tissues, organs on chip and integrated tissue engineering
  • Cell and tissue motility and interactions
  • Pathophysiology
  • Development of better methodologies to evaluate drug response
  • Drug development (screening)
  • Electrochemical sensors
  • Digital microfluidics
  • Medical devices and treatments
  • Cells, tissues, organs on chip and integrated tissue engineering
  • Toxicology in cell and tissue culture