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About the Journal

Welcome to the International Journal of Cancer Research and Molecular Mechanisms (ISSN 2381-3318), an open access, peer reviewed international journal by SCI FORSCHEN that aims to collect high quality articles and research papers by scholars working on discovering diagnostic and treatment methodologies for the various types of cancers that are currently known to mankind. There are currently thousands of researchers, medical professionals and scholars who are studying the various facets of cancer, and the International Journal of Cancer Research and Molecular Mechanisms. aspires to become the open access platform of choice for these professionals.

Information is power when it comes to the effective treatment of a disease like cancer, and SCI FORSCHEN is attempting to create the largest compendium of open access research papers, manuscripts and articles on the many topics related to this disease. From the diagnosis of the various strains of cancers that have been discovered so far, to the researchers looking for even more rare cases of cancer and how to effectively diagnose and cure them, the open access journal for cancer research contains hundreds of submissions from leading experts on the subject, and seeks submissions from thousands more who have invaluable information regarding this topic and can make a tremendous difference through their contributions.

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