Nutrition and Food Technology-Sci Forschen

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The journal of Nutrition and Food Technology ( ISSN 2470-6086 ) by SCI FORSCHEN is an open access journal that provides unfettered access to high quality articles, editorials and research papers submitted by researchers and scholars working in the field of Nutrition and Food Technology from all over the world. Dozens of diseases are caused by the deficiency of certain minerals and vitamins, and a detailed study of what humans eat can lead to the creation of simpler, cheaper and more nutritious food items that provide complete nourishment to the body while ensuring that we do not overload the body with anything that might lead to problems like obesity and over-accumulation of potentially harmful elements. Scientists are also working on creating superfoods that do not spoil for a long time and provide high nutritional value to the consumer. In a time where one half of the world is battling obesity related problems while the other half is dying of hunger, a study into the kind of food we eat, and ways to ensure the best diet for everyone are certainly problems worth looking into. As with any science, the more data that is publicly available regarding a certain field, the more effectively researchers can come up with better solutions for the challenges that exist in that field.

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