Neurology and Neurobiology-Sci Forschen

About the Journal

The Journal of Neurology and Neurobiology (JNNB) focuses on remarkable advances in understanding the human brain, neurological conditions, diseases of the nervous system, its clinical evolution and management alternatives. Similarly, covering molecular brain research, behavioural disorders and neural manifestations behind them, nerve cells ageing and the genetics associated with neurological and psychiatric conditions. The journal editors are particularly interested in the latest break throughs in the structure, function, genetics and physiology of the nervous system.

The Editorial Committee actively pursues to be a premier open-access source for the dissemination of knowledge through advocating excellence in research and in disseminating new standards on clinical pathology of disorders of the brain and nerves. The journal encourages original research, expert review by clinicians concerned about the scientific advancement on Neuroscience, enhanced diagnosis, therapy, and prevention of neurological diseases. Besides, the editors are interested in the emerging opportunities arising from the practical application of the current understanding of that knowledge to clinical practice and the challenges to deliver those to the health community and the public.