Suhail Hani Al-Amad
Suhail Hani Al-Amad
Assistant Professor

Department of Oral Medicine
College of Dental Medicine, University of Sharjah
United Arab Emirates


Academic Qualifications

  • Doctor of Clinical Dentistry in Oral Medicine
    University of Melbourne, Australia. Dec 2006.
  • Graduate Diploma in Oral Pathology & Medicine
    University of Melbourne, Australia. Dec 2004.
  • Graduate Diploma in Forensic Odontology
    University of Melbourne, Australia. Dec 2003.
  • Graduate Certificate in Research Ethics
    University of Maryland, Unites States of America. Aug 2007.
  • Bachelor of Dental Science
    University of Jordan. Jul 1998.

Professional Qualifications

  • Australian Board in Oral Medicine
    The Dental Board of Australia. Jul 2013.
  • Fellowship in Oral Medicine (FRACDS-Oral Med)
    The Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons RACDS, Sept 2010.
  • Australian Board in General Dentistry
    The Dental Board of Australia. Oct 2004.
  • Membership of RACDS in Oral Medicine (MRACDS-Oral Med)
    The Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons RACDS, Jul 2008 - Sept 2010.
  • Jordanian Medial Council Certificate in Oral Medicine (Jordanian Board)  
    Jordanian Medical Council, Feb 2007.
  • Australian Dental Council Certificate (ADC)  
    Australian Dental Council, Oct 2004.



Dr. Suhail Al-Amad is an Assistant Professor at the University of Sharjah (UAE), and an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at Monash University (Australia). He received his bachelor degree in Dentistry from the University of Jordan, and his Diploma in Forensic Odontology and Doctorate in Oral Medicine from the University of Melbourne. Dr. Al-Amad holds the Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons, and the Australian Dental Board Certificates in both Oral Medicine and General Dentistry. Between 2002 and 2006, Dr. Al-Amad worked as a Forensic Odontologist at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (Australia); then he relocated to Jordan where he established the Forensic Odontology services at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine. Between 2010 and 2013, he was summoned by the UAE’s Ministry of Interior to train and establish the country’s first Forensic Odontology team. In 2005, he joined the Australian Federal Police in identifying the victims of the tsunami disaster. In recognition of his work, Dr. Al-Amad was awarded the Australian Federal Police Operations Medal. Dr. Al-Amad is a trainer for the International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC in the field of human identification. He is also a trainer on Research Ethics for the University of Maryland’s MERETI program in the Middle East. He served as an expert witness in several criminal cases in courts in Jordan, Australia and the UAE.

Research Interest

His research interests lies in Oral Medicine/Forensic Odontology.

Professional Activities:

Teaching Experience;

July 2014 - present

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences.University of Monash. Australia.

Mar 2012-present


Middle East Research Ethics Training Initiative MERETI, organized by the University of Maryland School of Medicine,USA.

Aug 2008-present

Assistant Professor

College of Dental Medicine, University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Aug 2008-present


charge of the Oral Medicine Teaching Clinic for 4th year students. University Dental Hospital Sharjah, UAE.


Part-time trainer

Forensic Odontology to Abu Dhabi Police GHQ.



Forensic Odontology. Royal Police Academy, Jordan.

Oct 2006-Aug 2008

Honorary Lecturer

Ethics and Legal Issues course (Master’s program). Jordan University ofScience and Technology, Jordan.

Mar2002-Nov 2005

Casual tutor

Oral Anatomy and Histology and in Oral Pathology and Medicine. MelbourneDental School, University of Melbourne, Australia.




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