Shiv Dutt Gupta
Shiv Dutt Gupta

Department of Epidemiology
IIHMR University,Jaipur


  • Ph.D. (Epidemiology) 1993
  • Johns Hopkins University, School of Public Health, USA
  • M.D. (Preventive & Social Medicine) 1977
  • University of Rajasthan, SMS Medical College, Jaipur, India
  • M.B.B.S. 1973
  • University of Rajasthan, SMS Medical College, Jaipur



Dr. Shiv Dutt Gupta is a leading public Health professional with a distinguished academic and research career.  He obtained his M.D. (Preventive & Social Medicine) from India, and Ph.D. (Epidemiology) from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA.  He was conferred Fellowship of Academy of Medical Science, India (FAMS) for his outstanding contribution in the field of public health.  He has done pioneering work of creating and establishing new discipline of health management, and promoting research in health policy and health systems and programmes. Currently Dr Gupta is Corporate Director, Indian Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR), India and President, IIHMR University. Dr Gupta is Adjunct Professor at the Johns Hopkins University, USA and Visiting Professor at University of Chester, UK.  He is Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for District Health Systems at IIHMR facilitating management research and interventions in the health systems in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness of health care. He is the President Elect of WHO SEARO supported South East Asia Public Health Education Network (SEAPHEIN). Prior to this, he was the Secretary General of SEAPHEIN. Dr. Gupta has served as Temporary Advisor to SEARO WHO on several consultation processes. He has served as member of the Technical Review Panel of the Global Fund. He is member of several research advisory committees of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and Chairs Project Review Committee of Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. He has championed the cause of quality improvement and capacity building in health care in India and South East Asia. Over the past three and a half decades of his distinguished career, he has completed more than 100 research studies and projects supported by various organizations/agencies and have more than 100 research publications to his credit. The areas of research include: public health and epidemiology, population, reproductive health and nutrition, health systems and management in the health sector. Dr. Gupta is the recipient of QIMPRO Gold Standard Award 2009 for Healthcare.


Research Interest

Leadership and strategic management in Public Health, institution building, health systems planning and evaluation, teaching public health, Epidemiology and Quality of Care, Health survey research and Statistical analysis.


Professional Activities:

  • President, IIHMR University
  • Corporate Director, Indian Institute of Health Management Research
  • Adjunct Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, USA
  • Visiting Professor, University of Chester, UK



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