Antoine Messiah
Antoine Messiah
Tenured research scientist

Department of Mental Health and Public Health
INSERM research unit


University of Paris-11, France DrSc 1999 Epidemiology
University of Paris-7, France PhD 1988 Biostatistics
University of Paris-6, France MD 1987 Medicine
University of Paris-7, France MS 1984 Biomathematics
University of Paris-6, France BS 1982 Mathematics, Computer Sciences and Statistics applied to Medical Research


Dr Antoine Messiah is a tenured research scientist at INSERM, France. He is also consultant in epidemiology, public health, biostatistics, and data analysis.
He is a medical epidemiologist with a PhD in biostatistics.
He has over 30 years post-doctoral experience in conceiving, leading, analyzing and publishing Public Health research projects, combined with experience in classroom instruction, mentoring fellows for their research project, and creation of curricula. He has a significant collaborative experience internationally. His areas of specialization are health-related behaviors, mental health, and health surveys.


Research Interest

His current research concentrates on mental health in Creole-speaking populations (Haitian Diaspora in Florida, Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guyana, La Reunion Island).


Professional Activities:

1998-present Tenured research scientist Mental Health and Public Health INSERM, France
2008- 2011 Voluntary Associate Professor Department of Epidemiology and Public Health University of Miami, , Miami, FL
2001-2003 Research Associate Department of Sociology University of Pennsylvania School of Arts & Sciences
1998-2003 Visiting Associate Professor Department of Psychiatry University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
1995-1998 Research fellow Epidemiology and Social Sciences INSERM, France.
1992-1995 Attending Physician Department of Epidemiology and Public Health Hospital of the University of Paris-11, France
1988-1995 Assistant Professor Department of Epidemiology and Public Health University of Paris-11 School of Medicine, France.
1987-1988 Research fellow Epidemiology and Public Health INSERM,France.
1986 Adjunct Assistant Director National AIDS Surveillance French Public Health Service,Paris



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