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Clinical Practice Error: Kind of Interesting Clinical Case Studies

  Viroj Wiwanitkit*   

Surin Rajabhat University, Thailand

*Corresponding author: Professor Viroj Wiwanitkit, Wiwanitkit House, Bangkhae, Bangkok Thailand 10160, E-mail:

Clinical case study is very important for continuous medical education [1]. This kind of publication is useful for both authors and readers. Some specific journal focuses the area on this kind of publication (such as Journal of Clinical Case studies, Case Report and Case Study, etc.). To be case study, an interesting situation should be mentioned and discussed. Nevertheless, there is a kind of case study that is little mentioned and published. This is the case of Clinical Practice Error (CPE). It is no problem how much the quality control is implemented, the error can still be seen in practiced. The human error is the most common cause of such problems [2]. For sure, any CPE can cause the problem. The problem might be lost of time, lost of money, lost of facilities, lost of fame and lost of patient’s life. In some cases, the CPE might be minor and overlooked. In quality management, the case incident report is needed for corrective and preventive action. Analysis of incidents is useful and can be the source of case studies. Sometimes, the CPE is unbelievable but it becomes the story (such as automatic laboratory result reports that cause confusion to the patients; automatic report generation with pregnancy test in a male case; report with name of “cancer clinic” to the patient, etc.). Any CPE, either minor or major, has its own usefulness and story. It is advises that practitioners should report interesting CPE to the society to be a case study and lesson learnt.

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