Maurizio Monaci, DVM, PhD
Professor of Theriogenology

Department of Veterinary Medicine
University of Perugia, 06126 Perugia, Italy
Office: + 39 075 585 7620
Mobile: +39 328 8147890


2003 Professor of Theriogenology.
1991 Associate Professor
1989 Assistant professor
1988 National research Council post doctoral fellowship at Louisiana State University (USA)
1986 PhD degree (PhD student scholarship)
1983 to 1986 Visiting research at Colorado State University, Washington State University and Louisiana State University
1980 Equine and bovine practitioner in Central Italy
1979 Veterinary Medicine degree – University of Perugia State Board - Veterinary Practice Italy


Maurizio Monaci, Professor of Theriogenology at Department of Veterinary Medicine - University of Perugia in Italy, received his D.V.M. in 1979 from the University of Perugia. He received is Ph.D. in Veterinary Obstetrics & Gynecology from the University of Perugia in 1986. From 1983 to 1986 he attended as visiting research Colorado state University, Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory, Washington State University – Department of Animal Science and Louisiana State University, Embryo Engeenering Laboratory. He did in 1988 postdoctoral at Louisiana State University, Embryo Engeenering Laboratory - adviser Robert A. Godke jr. In 1989, he was appointed to the faculty as an Assistant Professor at University of Perugia. He was promoted to Associate Professor in 1991 and to Professor of Theriogenology in 2003. Scientific and clinical activities are focussed on all aspects of large animal reproduction, including reproductive biotechnology. Teacher for undergraduate, postgraduate courses and practitioners seminars, mainly focussed on Cattle and Horse reproduction. He is Director of the Master Course on “Dairy Production Medicine” at the University of Perugia. Co-author of more than 140 publications on both national and international peer-reviewed journals. He is a member of the scientific board of the Italian Association for Buiatrics.

Research Interest

Research project of the last ten years

  1. Ultrasound examination of mule conceptus and fetus well - being in Trotter mare.
  2. Reproductive technologies applied to Arab horse dedicate to Endurance activity.
  3. Calving monitoring system by using the Global System for Mobile communications: (Patent 1405187 - 12/20/2013).
  4. The changes in the mechanical properties of the zona pellucida that occur after the maturation and fertilization process of the bovine oocyte by using atomic force spectroscopy.
  5. Oxidative stress, lipoproteic metabolism and fatty liver disease in dairy cattle.
  6. Breeding soundness examination of Chianina, Marchigiana and Romagnola yearling bulls in performance at the Genetic Centre of National Association of Italian Beef-Cattle Breeders, Perugia, Italy.
  7. Cattle superovulation protocols by combining a pituitary extract with a 0.5% hyaluronan solution
  8. Gonadotropin secretion and pituitary responsiveness to GnRH in mares with granulosa-theca cell tumor.

Scientific Activities

2016 - present Scientific board of the “Società Italiana di Buiatria”
2015 Member of the Disciplinary Expertise Panel for Self-Assessment, Periodic Evaluation and Accreditation of Study Courses-Veterinary Sciences– Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca, Rome.
2012 - 2013 Member of the Selection Committee for National academic qualification - Surgical and Obstetric Clinics – Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca, Rome.
2013 - 2018 Cooperation Agreement between University of Perugia – Master Dairy Production Medicine – and Hachaklait, Mutual Society for Cattle Insurance & Veterinary Services in Caesaria, Israel, to develop a joint strategy for scientific and teaching cooperation.
2014 License Agreement with SCA srl - Italian Breeders Association - Rome for industrialization and marketing of the patent “Calving monitoring by GSM technology.”
2013 Patent “Sistema di rilevamento e di allerta del parto incipiente negli animali domestici e di allevamento” N. 1405187- 12/20/2013.
2012 Calving monitoring system by using the Global System for Mobile communications: Agreement between Genes diffusion (France) and University of Perugia to cooperate in the field of calving alarm device developed by University of Perugia.
2011 DOC-CAREERS II “Promoting Collaborative Doctoral Education for Enhanced Career Opportunities” - University of Camerino Italy 10th-11th October 2011 e Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts Bruxelles 30th-31th January 2012: University of Perugia Case: How the doctoral student program plan and University teaching activities interact with research and developmental programs of a European Industrial Company.
2012 Start-Cup e Working Capital/PNI: “Calving Warning System” - Industrial Liaison Office of the University of Perugia, Perugia.
2007- present Director Master Course “Dairy Production Medicine.”
2006 -2012 Director of the equine reproduction center of the University of Perugia.
2003 - 2005 Scientific board of the “Società Italiana di Riproduzione Animale”
2003 - present Professor of Theriogenology at University of Perugia, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Italy.
1991 - present Scientific coordinator of the project: Breeding soundness examination of the Marchigiana, Chianina and Romagnola yearling bulls at Genetic Station of the Associazione Nazionale Allevatori Bovini Italiani da Carne – Umbria, Italy.
1991 Associate Professor of Pathology of Reproduction and Artificial Insemination - University of Perugia, Italy – Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science degree.
1991- present Supervision of Ph.D. Students and of Post-doctoral Associates.
1990 - present Presentations at professional meetings and at international and national congress.
1990 - present Peer Reviewed Journals - Perspective in Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Nutrition and Natural Reseources; Asian Journal of Andrology; Andrology; Animal: An International Journal of Animal Bioscience; Italian Journal of Animal Science; Animal Reproduction Science; Theriogenology; Large Animal Review; Veterinary Record.
1989 Assistant professor at University of Perugia, Department of Veterinary Medicine – Italy.


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