Original Articles

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  6. For How Long Should Insulin Be Used Once a Vial is Started?  Grajower, MM, et al.  Diabetes Care 26: 2665-9, 2003.
    NOTE: This article resulted in a revision of the Standards of Care, published annually by the American Diabetes Association in Diabetes Care.  It also was the basis of a revision of many hospital pharmacy guidelines, as noted on an internet search.
  1. The Stability of Insulin after a Vial is Started.  Grajower, MM. Salud(i)Ciencia 14: 101-102, 2006.
  2. Management of Diabetes Mellitus on Yom Kippur and Other Jewish Fast Days.  Grajower, MM.  Endocrine Practice, 14: 305-311, 2008.
    NOTE: This is the only published guideline for managing 24-hour fast days in patients with types 1 and 2 diabetes.  It has generated much interest, including follow-up articles and lectures (see below).
  3. Guidelines: Fasting with Type 2 Diabetes on Yom Kippur and Other Fast Days.  Grajower, MM.  Going Forward, 3: 6-15, 2008.
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Letters To The Editor

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