Dr. Cao Qindong, Male, born in 1968. Director, Professor, Master’s tutor. Currently take the position of The Membership of ESTS. Vice Director of Guangdong Medical Society Thoracic Surgery Branch. Vice Director of Guangdong Medical Association Minimally Invasive Surgery Branch; Member of Chinese Medical Doctor Association Thoracic Surgery Branch. Permanent Committee of Guangdong Surgeons Association Thoracic Surgery Surgeons ; Thoracoscopy Group. Director and academic leader of BaoAn District of Shenzhen. The Director of The Shenzhen BaoAn Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University.

Has worked as clinical scientist and teaching in the field of General Thoracic Surgery for over 23 years. Graduated in 1991, accepted the traditional open thoracotomy training in the The Second Affiliated Hospital of Ningxia Medical University. It lays

good foundation of clinical theory and practice, as well as accumulate wealth of clinical experience. Has unique and outer standing perceptions on the treatment of critical and difficult cases. Stared VATS in Mar.2000, and accepted Prof. Wang Jun’s personal guidance in VATS training in the Thoracoscopic Surgery Centerof the People’s Hospital of Beijing University from Aug.2001 to Aug.2002.

As a visiting scholar, by the personal conducted of Prf. Anthorny P.C Yim in the Prince of Wales Hospital of The Chinese University of HK, accept systematic training in thoracic minimally invasive technology. Thus make a great progress in VATS, video mediastinoscopy and video-assisted rigid bronchoscopy. Work on all required thoracic surgery except lung transplantation on the key disciplines in threetertiaryhospital, has donethe superior difficult traditional open surgery such as 3-incision radical surgery for esophageal carcinoma, complex central type bronchial sleeve lobectomy, Tracheal tumors juga plasty Superior vena cava replacement´╝îexcision of large mediastinal tumor, excision of intrapleural huge tumor, reconstruction of defect of chest wall. Has finished different kinds of thoracic minimally surgery over 3000 cases up to present andmany difficult surgeries such as completely VATS, MIE, complete thoracoscope Resection of mediastinal tumor ext.

Took the lead to use OrVil technology to successfully finished the esophageal carcinoma radical surgery by VATS combined with laparoscopy. Solved the common technical problem of digestive tract reconstruction by VATS. In Nov.2009, published the academic paper to firstly introduce this advanced technology in China, furthermore, performed this new technology in many hospitals in China, made important construction in promoting this technology.

In Mar.2011, advanced come up the single-port VATS idea and to start and operate this technology successfully. Has published the paper to firstly introduced this new technology in China. From now on, has been successfully operated over 1000 cases in the radical resection of pulmonary carcinoma, esophageal carcinoma radical surgery, mediastinal tumor excision ext. by single-port VATS technology. After being invited to do the presentation about single-port VATS technology in all import professional academic conferences in China, Dr.Cao has got unanimous approval and favorable comment by famous thoracic surgery specialists. Was acknowledged as “the founder of Single-Port VATS in China mainland”.The first one to fill many technical gaps in Guangdong Province and China.





Professor of cardiothoracic surgery
Southern Medical University