Editor in Chief
Jorge Morales Montor, PhD
Professor of Immunology

University of Mexico
Mexico, North America
Phone: 5622-3158


1997-2000 Postdoctoral Molecular Parasitology, Departament of Cellular Biology, The University of Georgia, Georgia, USA
 1997 PhD Immunoparasitology, National Autonomous University of México, Mexico, North America
1994 MSc Masters in Immunology, Institute of Biomedical Research, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico, North America
 1992 BS Biology, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico, North America


Dr. Jorge Morales Montor studied the Biology studies in the faculty of Higher education Iztacala UNAM, obtaining the title in 1992. It obtained the doctoral degree in October, 1997. His doctoral thesis was recognized by the Award Lola and IgoFlisser PUIS after the best posgrado thesis at national level in the field of parasitology, recognition that also already received how tutor, since one of its pupils of Doctorate gained in 2008 the same award. He did a Post-doctoral stay in the Departament of Cellular Biology of the University of Georgia, in the laboratory of Dr. Raymond T. Damián, one of the parasitólogos most recognized in the world and received a scholarship of Fogarty Foundation to carryout investigations on the schistosomiasis in the baboon, being Pan american Fellow for 4 years. It was repatriated to Mexico in the year 2001 by the CONACYT and one integrated to the Department of Immunology of the Institute of Biomedical Investigations of the UNAM how Associate Investigator "C", and where he is at present a Titular Investigator C of Definitive TC in the Institute of Biomedical Investigations. In the Level of Cousins to the Academic Performance, it is a Level D, for the second consecutive period. To the date, Level is III for the second consecutive period in the SNI. With invitations, to give conferences on its specialization area about the world constantly (more than 100), and the invitations to be a part of the publishing committee of more than 20 international magazines indizadas, the internacional community recognizes the leadership of Dr. Morales Montor in its area, the parasitology. Its investigations are characterized by an exhaustive and meticulous experimental work, and its supreme scientific production already 140 articles in magazines indizadas international, and the majority like the first author or corresponding author in magazines of high impact like Nature, Journal of Immunology, Journal of Infectious Diseases and Scientific Reports, between others. Its brilliant trajectory has deserved his more than 30 Awards, how the Award Miguel Alemán Valdez in the field of Health 2006, the Distinction National University for Young Academicians in the field of Investigation in Natural sciences 2006, the Award Veterinary CANIFARMA 2007 and 2009 in the field of Fundamental research, and the Award Heberto Castillo Martínez Cardinal City 2009 for Young Latin-American Academicians in Fundamental research. Also it has been rewarded by many distinctions, such as its revenue to the Mexican Academy of Sciences (2005), and the being one of few Mexican scientists in being induced to the Academy of Sciences of Latin America (2008). It has titled and directs more than 35 Licentiate pupils, 8 of Mastery and 15 of Doctorate, and has directed more than 30 Social service pupils, and in investigation stays in its laboratory. He was a President of the Mexican Society of Parasitology, and at present he is a President, and founder, of the Mexican Society of Neuroinmuno endocrinología. It has been sworn of the Award Lola and IgoFlisser PUIS, and jury of the Award Heberto Castillo. He is a ticket inspector and dictaminador of national agencies (DGAPA, CONACyT, FMA, Scientific Institute Pfizer, AMC) and international (Welcome Trust Foundation, National Institutes of Health, Britissh Council, CONECyT Argentina, COMPECyT Colombia, between others). It is of emphasizing that Dr. Morales Montor is a Young scientist, who has developed its meteoric and brilliant career in Mexico, supporting and contributing to the scientific development of our country, with the generation of new knowledge of border in the world, with the formation of human resources of high level, and with the application of its basic knowledge to generate new technologies, which could be used in the benefit of the health of the inhabitants of the country.

Research Interest

  • Molecular Parasitology
  • Immunoparasitology
  • Neuroimmunoendocrine Network
  • Innate immunity during Infections
  • Acquired Immunity during Infections
  • Immunology of Cancer
  • Immunoendocrinology
  • Neuroimmunology
  • Neurobiology
  • Neuroendocrinology

Scientific Activities

Teaching Experience
2009 Full time Professor (C level)
2006-2008 Full Time Professor, Department of Immunology, Institute of Biomedical Research, National Autonomous University of México, México, North America
2003-2006 Associated Professor, Department of Immunology, Institute of Biomedical Research, National Autonomous University of México, México, North America
2001-2003 Assistant Professor, Department of Immunology, Institute of Biomedical Research, National Autonomous University of Mexico, México, North America
1997-2000 Associate Professor, Department of Cellular Biology, University of Georgia, Georgia, USA
Professional Activities

Membership For Professional Organizations

  • American Association of Immmunologists
  • American Association of Parasitologists
  • Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
  • Mexican Academy of Sciences
  • Mexican Academy of Medicine
  •  Latin american Academy of Sciences
  • The New York Academy of Sciences
Honors & Awards
2013 Award for best oral work: "Steroid hormones oestradiol and progesterone differentially alter the expression of cytoskeletal proteins and the morphology of the flame cells of the parasite helminth Taenia crassiceps", during the First International Congress of Human and Animal Health Professionals "Neuroimmunoendocrinology: Theoretical Perspectives and Clinical Applications in Human Medicine and Animal Health" AUDITORIO EMILIANO ZAPATA, Autonomous University of the State of Morelos
2011 Best Poster Award: Effect of Trichinella spiralis infection on sleep pattern in male Wistar rats, during the IX Biennial National Congress "Sleep Medicine". Mexico City
2011 Best Research Award "Dr. José Eleuterio González "at the XXVI National Congress of Medical Research, in Monterrey Nuevo León
2010 CANIFARMA VETERINARY Award Dr. Arturo Tellez Girón Rode 2009, for the best work in Basic Veterinary Research
2009 Heberto Castillo Martínez Prize 2009 awarded by the Government of the Federal District to the young scientist (under 45 years) most outstanding in the area of Basic Biomedical Research at Latin American level
2009 Award to the best work of Biomedical Research "Ramiro Montemayor" of XXV National Congress of Biomedical Research, Monterrey Nuevo León
2009 Latinamerican Young Scientist Award, Heberto Castill in the field of Biomedical Research, given by the Goverment of Mexico City (Distrito Federal) to the young Latin American Investigator (under 45) who has achieved an outsanding contribution to the Society and Science and Technology
2008 Lola and Igo Flisser-PUIS Award 2008, to the best Doctoral Thesis (at national level) in the Area of Parasitology awarded to the Thesis of my student Galileo Escobedo González
2008 CANIFARMA_VETERINARIO 2007 Award Dr. Alfredo Téllez Girón Turn to the best work in Basic Veterinary Research
2007 Award to the best work of Biomedical Research "Ramiro Montemayor" of the XXIV National Congress of Biomedical Research, in Monterrey Nuevo León
2007 Award from the Camara Nacional de la Industria Farmaceutica Veterinaria 2007 to the Best finished Project in the Country in the field of Veterinary Pharmaceutical Industry
2006 Distinction National University for Young Academics in the area of Research in Natural Sciences
2006 Miguel Alemán Váldez Award in the Health Area
2000 Outstanding research recognition Award by University System of Georgia (co-author)
1999 2nd Place Prize for the Best Graduate Student Poster (co-author), in the I Annual Research Day in Cellular Biology, in Athens GA
1999 People Choice Award for the best Poster presentation in the I Annual Research Day in Cellular Biology, in Athens GA
1998 Award Lola e lgo Flisser-PUIS UNAM, for the best national thesis in the area of parasitology
1997 Travel Award of the International Association of Clinical Immunology (Top 10 Abstracts) for the International Congress of Clinical Immunology and Allergology (ICACI XVI) in Cancún, Mexico
1996 Travel Award from the American Society of Parasitologists, (Top 10 abstracts) for the 69th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Parasitologists in Forth Collins, Colorado
1996 Travel Award for the XXXVIII National Congress of Physiology in Queretaro, Mexico
1995 Juan Manuel Prada Award for the best article of the year of the Institute of Biomedical Research of the UNAM, Mexico


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