Noah Isakov
Jianfei Yang
Principal Scientist and Immunologist

Tempero GlaxoSmithKlineCambridge


Ph.D.  Pathology/Immunology Niigata University School of Medicine Japan
M. Medicine __ Hunan Medical University China


Dr. Jianfei Yang is a principal scientist, project leader and immunologist at Tempero, GlaxoSmithKline, in Cambridge, MA, USA. He received a PhD in Pathology from Niigata University in Japan. He then obtained postdoctoral training in Dr. Ken Murphy’s lab at HHMI and Washington University. In the past 18 year, he has been studying the role of CD4+ T helper cells in immunity and diseases. He has 14 years of experience in immuno-inflammatory disease research and pharmaceutical drug development. He has published numerous papers and patents. He has been recognized as an expert in Th17 research and drug development in pharmaceutical industry.


Research Interest

Research interests include the role of immune cells such as Th17 and Treg cells in innate and protective immunity, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, and cancers. He is interested in drug discovery of small molecule and novel therapeutic monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of various diseases. He is also interested in immunotherapy for tumor and inflammatory diseases.

Professional Activities:


  • American Association of Immunologists
  • Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies

Scientific Journal Editorial Board Member

  • Mediators of Inflammation
  • Journal of Clinical & Cellular Immunology
  • Journal of Rheumatic Diseases and Treatment
  • Journal of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases & Disorders
  • Clinical and medical biochemistry
  • Tropical Medicine & Surgery

Journal Reviewer

  • The Journal of Immunology
  • British Journal of Pharmacology
  • Arthritis & Rheumatology
  • Medicinal Research Reviews
  • Mediators of Inflammation
  • Journal of Clinical and Cellular Immunology
  • Cellular Immunology
  • Clinical and Investigative Medicine



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