Robert l. Barkin
Robert l. Barkin

Department of Pharmacology
Rush Medical College


  • 1983-1985       Purdue University, Pharm.D. (Doctor of Pharmacy)          
  • 1974-1978       DePaul University, M.B.A.
  • 1976-1977       George Washington University          (N.H.A. Illinois)
  • 1972-1974       University of Illinois, Graduate School
  • 1962-1963       St. Louis College of Pharmacy & Allied Sciences, B.S. Pharmacy
  • 1958-1961       University of Illinois, Chicago



Dr. Robert L. Barkin is Professor of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology, and Family Medicine at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois. He is also a clinical pharmacologist in a collaborative practice with 5 physician pain specialists at the NorthShore University Health System Department of Anesthesiology Pain Center’s of Skokie and Evanston Hospitals in Illinois.  Dr. Barkin’s extensive practice is both outpatient and in-patient. Dr. Barkin designs patient specific pharmacotherpeutic treatment plans.
Following graduation from St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Dr. Barkin earned a Master of Business Administration degree in Healthcare Administration from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. He then earned his Doctor of Clinical Pharmacy degree from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Dr. Barkin is the author of more than 150 abstracts, CD-Rom programs, textbook chapters, and peer reviewed articles. He is Associate Editor for the American Journal of Therapeutics. He also serves as a reviewer for 28 peer-reviewed journals and on the Editorial Board of 9 peer reviewed journals.  He is frequently invited to speak on a wide variety of topics at both national and international conferences and seminars. Dr. Barkin is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management, a Fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology, Diplomate of American Board of Forensic Medicine, Examiners, Psychologic Specialties in Psychopharmacology.  Dr. Barkin was granted Scientific status with the American Academy of Pain Medicine. 


Research Interest

Pain - Acute and Chronic Postoperative pain, fibromyalgia, migraine headache, Neuropathic & nociceptive pain, Psychopharmacology.


Professional Activities:

Academic Appointments



Anesthesiology, Pharmacology and Family Medicine

Rush Medical College


Associate Professor


Rush Medical College


Associate Professor


Rush Medical College


Associate Professor

Family Medicine

Rush Medical College


Assistant Professor


Rush Medical College


Assistant Professor

Family Medicine

Rush Medical College


Assistant Professor

Orthopedic Surgery

Rush University Medical Center


Assistant Professor

Clinical Adjunct Faculty

Purdue University College of Pharmacy West Lafayette, Indiana


Assistant Clinical Professor


College of Dentistry, University of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago           


Assistant Professor


Rush Medical College



Department of Pharmaceutics

University of Illinois College of Pharmacy

Employment/Appointed Positions



Clinical Pharmacology, Department of Anesthesiology

Evanston & Skokie Hospital Pain Center, North Shore University Health Systems


Clerkship Educator

Clinical Clerkships in Pain and Psychiatry

Midwestern University, Rush Presbyterian St. Lukes Medical Center   


Affiliate Medical Staff

Department of Anesthesiology

Rush North Shore Medical Center/North Shore University Health Systems



Department of Psychiatry

Rush Medical College, Psychopharmacology Lecturer



Clinical Pharmacology Consultant Design; Inpatient & Outpatient Treatment Plans

Rush Pain Center


Clinical Specialist

Department of Pharmacy  (Pharmacy Practice) Neuropsychopharmacology, Pain, Poison and Toxicology Specialist (The Regional Poison Center)

Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center


Pediatric Pain Service

Clinical Pharmacologist

Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center


Coordinator/Drug Information/Poison Information Center

Pharmacy Practice

Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center



American society of Health System           

Pharmacist (ASHP)  Residency Program (mentoring 3 residents per year)


Assistant Director


Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center


Administrative Resident


Mary Haven Nursing Home, Glenview, Illinois



Pharmacy Services

St. Frances X Cabrini Hospital, Chicago, Illinois


Honors and Awards


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