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About the Journal

Journal of Pharmaceutical Analytics and Insights (JPAI) (ISSN 2471-8122) aims to present the recent advances in Pharma industry, which is facing increased regulatory oversights, R&D, productivity challenges to growth, analytical studies on small drug molecules, pharmaceutical solid materials which also involve the concepts of biomaterials, polymers, nanoparticles and biotechnology. This journal has been designed to cover all the fields of research that have correlation and impact on pharmaceutical sciences.

The journals encompasses drug discovery, drug design, drug products specifications, quality control & assurance, quality by design, quality risk management and regulatory approval etc. in the field of pharmaceuticals.

Journal of Pharmaceutical Analytics and Insights (JPAI) is an emerging initiative from Sci Forschen, which publishes the peer-reviewed content and makes it easily accessible around the globe without any restrictions. All the manuscripts detailing originality on all the aspects of analytical theory and methodology, such as innovative instrumental, new approaches in chemical and biological fields, detectors and sensors, sample treatment methods and data treatment are encouraged.