Clinical Anesthesia and Management-Sci Forschen

About the Journal

Anesthesia is required during the surgeries where the patient is required to be in a state of unconsciousness. It is a complex procedure as the patient is kept continuously in that state without slipping into coma or permanent consciousness. To create such anesthetics, which are less harmful to the human body, researches are going on in different parts of the world by doctors and scholars. To speed up the research, it is warranted that the researchers collaborate on every front and share their findings so that all of them can benefit from each other’s work. The Journal of Clinical Anesthesia and Management (JCAM) (ISSN 2470-9956) does exactly the same. It pools the information from different scholars to all those who wish to gain insight on the subject. The journal publishes peer reviewed work on clinical anesthesia and management and provides reliable information to the research scholars which they can utilize in their own research.

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