I obtained my doctorate in Pharmacology in Beijing Medical University and my postdoctoral training was done at Medical College of Georgia focused on pre-clinical cancer therapeutics and anticancer drug development, mainly in pancreatic cancer cells. Then, as a faculty member, I continued working at Medical College of Georgia focused on pre-clinical anti-hormone therapeutics in breast and prostate cancer cells in vitro & in xenograft models and molecular pathways.  Since 2002, I have worked at University of Missouri as Research Assistant and Associate professor, have continuously focused on pre-clinical cancer therapeutics, cancer prevention, and anticancer drug development.  I now have more than 25 years of experience in fields of cell biology, tumor biology, molecular biology, and molecular pharmacology.  As shown in my CV, my knowledge, experience, and expertise on cancer research have contributed to more than thirty research projects, more than fifty peer reviewed publications, and several professional achievements.


Yayun Liang


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