Jon Ver Halen
Associate Professor of Surgery

Texas A&M University School of Medicine


  • University of California, Los Angeles   6/1997
    Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, Bachelor of Arts in English
  • Harvard Medical School, Medical Doctor    6/2002
  • University of Washington, Resident in General Surgery   6/2002 - 6/2005
  • University of Washington, Resident in Plastic Surgery     6/2005 - 6/2008
  • M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Fellow in Microvascular Surgery     6/2008 - 6/2009
  • University of Tennessee, Certificate in Clinical Research    6/2011 - 6/2012




Research Interest

  • Wound Care
  • Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Hand Surgery


Professional Activities:

  • M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Clinical Specialist in Plastic Surgery           6/2008 - 6/2009
  • Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee Department of Plastic Surgery 7/2009 – 7/2013
  • Adjunct Clinical Faculty Member, St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital      7/2009 – 6/2015
  • Research Faculty Member, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center                      7/2013 – 6/2015
  • Chair, Department of Plastic Surgery, Baptist Memorial Hospital                  2/2013 – 6/2015
  • Program Director, Baptist Medical Group Plastic Surgery Fellowship            2/2013 – 6/2015
  • Faculty, Department of Surgery, Baylor Scott and White Healthcare             6/2015 – present
  • Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, Texas A&M University School of Medicine  6/2015 – present
  • Program Director, Microvascular Surgery Fellowship, Texas A&M SOM      6/2015 – present
  • Associate Program Director, Plastic Surgery Residency, Texas A&M SOM   6/2015 – present

Teaching activities:

  • Teaching Assistant, Chemistry 153A (Introductory Biochemistry), UCLA          9/1993 – 6/1995
  • Teaching Assistant, English 234 (Herman Mellville), UCLA        9/1996 – 6/1997
  • Teaching Assistant, Core Biochemistry, Harvard Medical School   9/2000 – 6/2001
  • Teaching Assistant, Respiratory Pathophysiology, Harvard Medical School  9/2000 – 6/2001
  • Instructor, Basic Suturing Skills, UW General Surgery Residency   9/2003 – 6/2005
  • Instructor, Basic Flaps and Grafts, UW General Surgery Residency    9/2006 – 6/2007
  • Course Director, Plastic Surgery Elective Rotation, UT School of Medicine  9/2009 – 6/2013
  • Associate Program Director, UT Plastic Surgery Residency    9/2010 – 6/2013
  • Program Director, UT Microvascular Surgery Fellowship    6/2011 – 6/2013
  • Course Director, Basic Suturing Skills, Christian Brothers University Physician Asst  2/2013 – 6/2015
  • Preceptor, Plastic Surgery Elective Rotation, CBU Physician Assistant Program  2/2013 – 6/2015
  • Program Director, Baptist Cancer Center Plastic Surgery Fellowship      2/2013 – 6/2015



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