Dentistry and Oral Health-Sci Forschen

Special Issue

Surgical Considerations for Implant Placement in Atrophic Posterior Maxilla

    Implant therapy for rehabilitation of edentulous posterior maxillary regions often presents a challenge due to inadequate alveolar ridge and poor quality of bone. Resorbed alveolar processes result from a combination of pneumatization of the maxillary sinus, the effects of periodontal disease, and physiological bone resorption. Therefore, various techniques have been proposed in order to achieve the necessary bone dimension for the insertion of implants in the atrophic posterior maxillar. During the past few decades, maxillary sinus augmentation has been shown to be the most predictable of the preprosthetic surgical techniques used to enhance bone volume for the placement of dental implants in previously compromised sites. It is necessary to define case selection criteria according to the remaining crestal bone and the anatomy of the sinus cavity. The purpose of this review was to discuss the indications, contraindications, limitations, and case selection criteria used to determine treatment options of the different techniques. This special issue of the International Journal of Dentistry and Oral Health is aimed at contributing to the growing body of existing literature examining the surgical options for atrophic posterior maxilla and their important role in implant dentistry. We invite investigators to submit their original research and review articles exploring all aspects of surgical implant placement and restoration of atrophic posterior maxillary area. We are particularly encouraging innovative research that can further our scientific understanding of the healing of soft and hard tissue, including clinical and translational studies, in the area of the posterior maxilla. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Case selection criteria for treatment options for atrophic posterior maxilla
  • Peri-implant soft tissue management and augmentation techniques
  • Various ridge augmentation techniques in posterior maxillary area
  • Surgical and restorative considerations for immediate implant placement and immediate provisionalization
  • Comparison of different treatment options in posterior maxilla
  • Clinical significance of socket morphology for immediate implant placement in premolar and molar region
  • Various provisionalization techniques after implant placement